Out Of Style

Once the revolution was in full force, nobody wanted to be connected to the noble classes of the old regime. That was practically a death sentence. The wealthy elite fled […]

Homespun Wool Blanket

This picture was perfect for this reading. It is a prime example of homespun wool. This one is even more special because it depicts the flag of the thirteen colonies. […]

Leveling The Playing Field

These reading I found to be very interesting. I was incredibly surprised to find out that Peter I, as a monarch with such extreme power rooted in tradition and a […]


The reading talked about how cross-cultural exchanges between the Ottoman Empire and England through what they called “borderlands”. Obviously these two nations did not share a border so the so […]

Authentic VS Imitation

Whenever there is a product of nice quality, there is always a market for a cheaper version. Almost all luxury items especially in fashion have faux reproductions. This was true also […]

The Decline of Hats

Hats used to be way cooler. As it says in the reading, no Dutch man of status in the 17th century would ever be seen in public bare headed. The […]

Unreformed Nuns

Throughout the seventeenth century the Mexican Bishops made several efforts to reform creole convents. Much of this reform had to do with the complaint of nuns dressing too luxuriously, expensively, and […]