The New Fashion Police

Prior to the French Revolution, the wealthy called the shots in fashion and in life.  The aristocracy had all the power, and this was especially true and represented in their […]

Changing symbols

In an attempt to free themselves from their British ties , Americans during the Revolutionary War rejected the image the British associated with them of a young Indian girl and […]

The Origin Of Stripes

Throughout history, France seems to be ahead of the world in fashion.  Russian rulers such as Peter the Great and his successor Elizabeth picked up on this fact early and […]

The Beginning of Hammer Time

Prior to trade with the Ottomans, European women solidified their role in a paternalistic society by wearing dresses.  During the nineteenth century, skirts and dresses became a form of dress […]

quality over quantity

This weeks readings saw the emergence of the textile industry and the effect of textiles on the establishment on more modern fashion in the West.  In particular, the popularization of […]

Borrowed and Blue

One idea I found particularly interesting from this weeks reading was the fact that the Chinese did not create the blue and white dish ware synonymous with porcelain China.  According […]

the food of celebration

For centuries, individuals used chocolate as a way to celebrate special occasions.  Our readings discussed how entertainers would offer chocolate to the new guests in their homes and how Charles […]

souvenir shopping

Our reading this week had a short story in the introduction about a man named Charles from Puerto Rico who was studying in the United States.  When his friends heard […]

market strategies

This weeks reading discussed the trade of beaver pelt and the high demand for the material to make hats for wealthy Europeans at the end of the sixteenth century.  In […]

the modern tapada

In 16th century New World Spain, women paraded around in mantles called el tapados as a way to rebel and appear seductive.  Lawmakers saw the increasing appeal and allure of […]