Change Please

Around the time of the French┬áRevolution there was an extreme shift away from all things that were commonly worn by the nobility. The commoners began to riot and persecute the […]

This Ain’t Gonna Fly

After the Stamp Act in 1763, there was an increase in nationalism among the colonies. One aspect of this new found nationalism was the rejection and boycotting of goods from […]

Then and Now: Unchanged

The fashion described in the first reading seems extremely similar to the fashion of today. When reading the article I kept thinking to myself, I wear that, or I own […]

Painted to Printed

Printed fabric in a way, is very similar to printed books. When each industry was first starting out, both had to produce their products by hand. This was an extremely […]

Anything that Will Sell

I took a picture of the attachable phone credit card holder with the Washington and Lee logo because it is an example of a new hot commodity that many companies […]

A Timesless Treat

Chocolate is not just a simple fad. It has been an extremely sought out product since before the 17th century. As featured above, there are many different types of chocolate […]

The Sugar Hierarchy

Throughout this class, we have read papers discussing the hierarchy of clothing, but this paper adds a whole new hierarchy to the mix. A hierarchy of food, and even more […]

Veil of the Unknown

In the times before 1586, women were permitted to wear a veil over their face to be completely covered up. As depicted in this image, it is extremely difficult to […]