The Common Clothing

While hooped skirts, powdered wigs, crazy hats, and tight pants ruled the French court during the time period of the revolution, conflict led to new clothing styles among that masses. […]

Independence Symbols

During and after the Revolutionary War symbols of freedom were prominent. The national seal was often depicted on quilts and George Washington’s face was seen on buttons. Many revered presidents […]

The Muffler

Strakhov in his book La Mode made inanimate objects talk, longing to become part of the exclusive court fashions again. One of the items is a muffler, which has been […]

The Lady in White

Vincente recalls the story of a young woman arriving in the colonies dressed in a lavish white dress. Locals could tell that the dress was made from foreign fabrics. The […]

The Cure

Chocolate was the drug of a sugar-crazed society. Besides drinking and eating chocolate for social reasons, chocolate was also used as a medical cure. Available in Jesuit pharmacies, chocolate was […]

Sugar, a Necessity

Mintz mentions that before 1650 sugar was considered a luxury item in England. Before sugar the English experienced sweetness through eating honey or fruit, neither of which was plentiful or […]

A Scalp Necklace

Champlain described war between Native American tribes as a mystical experience, consulting spirits and interpreting dreams to predict the outcome of the confrontation. When the skirmish was over the winning […]

The Veil of Death

Men were commonly seduced by women wearing tapada de medio ojo, a veil which only exposed one eye of the woman. Because the veil concealed the identity and status of […]