Fashion Overthrown

The French Revolution changed more than the government of France, it changed the way the French looked.  Before the Revolution and in the years it was brewing, the French nobility […]

Revolutionary Works

It all began when the British Parliament passed the Stamp Act.  The American colonist were outraged by the “taxation without representation” as Parliament continued to put taxes on goods imported […]

Fashion Power Plays

In the 18th century Russia there were many clothing reforms that varied among the tsars at the time.  The rulers used laws concerning fashion to change how the nation felt […]

Consumer Revoultion

Beginning in the mid-16th century there was a change in consumer culture, one that allowed the rigid social structure of the Ottoman empire of the ruling and ruled to become […]

The Love of Chocolate

Chocolate, although a common commodity today, was once a great luxury.  In Sacred Gifts, Profane Pleasures Marcy Norton discusses the importance of chocolate in the 17th century Spanish culture, although chocolate […]

Sugar Rush

The variety in the diet that the people of the United States are accustomed to today, did not exist in the past.  The diet instead revolved around a focal point, […]

The Elusive Path

Many aspects of the beaver fur trade between Canada and Europe were brought to light by Brook in “Vermeer’s Hat”.  The wars and rituals of the Native Americans, the fashion […]


The turmoil between New Spain and it’s mother country is fully displayed within their religious conflicts. The center-point of the conflict lies within the escudo de monja, as discussed by […]

Beneath the Mask

In Rebecca Gales “History Workshop Journal”, she compares two quotes sixty years apart concerning the fashion of the colonial Mexico City. The first quote, from 1778, describes how fashion is […]