The Storm is Coming

A storm was brewing in the country of France. What the monarchy of feared most finally came to pass in the 1780’s. The ruled began to feel resentment toward their rulers. The court spending ,although but a fraction of consumption if the country, triggered catastrophic consequences to the overall well being of its citizens. The ruled began to see the rulers, and especially Queen Marie Antoinette as representing the ill of their country. As the queen’s reputation and the loyalty to the monarchy steadily declined, a new fashion movement in the name of rebellion arose from the depths. Women quit their high heels and ridiculous hooped petticoats, men gave up their powdered wigs and buckled shoes. They adopted other clothing that figuratively spit in the face of norm luxury and the etiquette set by the monarchy. Although this rebellion was on a small scale, it soon ignited the spark that would forever change the fate of the monarchy and the economy of France all together.