Out Of Style

Once the revolution was in full force, nobody wanted to be connected to the noble classes of the old regime. That was practically a death sentence. The wealthy elite fled the country as fast as they could. This was a big problem for the people who made the fancy clothes and jewelry and adornment that the nobles bought. They had no market anymore to sell to. Many went out of business or also left the country taking their talents elsewhere. Well renowned designers who previously advertised the notable elites who wore their clothes quickly cut all such ties. During this time period fashion in France, particularly Paris, changed very quickly. Grand opulent gowns and costumes with so much make-up and powdered wigs were looked down upon. A more laid back, lazier style took place. Once the dust of the revolution had settled and it was safe to come back, many people were shocked to see how differently people dressed. Many of the emrigés no longer fit the mold of what was fashionable. My photo shows someone entering a room dressed nicely and getting very odd looks from the three guys on the couch. This represents the opinions of the people of France as people returning from exile came back wearing strange looking garments.