No Necklace, No Problems?

Prior to the French Revolution, there was a strong dissatisfaction with the rulers of France.  Marie-Antoinette’s popularity was at an all-time low, as she was associated with a necklace scandal, there were rumors of her having an affair, she had a gambling addiction, she freely spent money, and she was the target of humiliating pornographic prints.  In order to try and regain some support and popularity from her people, Marie-Antoinette had a new portrait painted of herself.  In this portrait with her children, Marie-Antoinette is dressed regally, however, she wears no necklace (similar to the image above), though her jewel case is displayed in the background.  This was an allusion to a Roman story in an attempt to show that Marie Antoinette’s children were her most prized possession, and that the people of France, who could also be considered her children in a sense, were also deeply cared about by her.  However, her reputation could not be saved, and the portrait was actually removed from the Salon.