Patriotic Fashion

The United States struggled for decades to find their own identity and fashion. The people of the colonies chose not to wear elegant items from Europe as a patriotic symbol. […]

Independence Symbols

During and after the Revolutionary War symbols of freedom were prominent. The national seal was often depicted on quilts and George Washington’s face was seen on buttons. Many revered presidents […]

Made in the U.S.A.

In our reading, the author talked about the importance of homespun and its influence on the politics at the time. During this time, as Americans were beginning to assert their […]

Spin to Win

Outraged with the revenue taxes imposed on them by England, colonies agreed on a nonimportation agreement, and thus vowed to boycott all British goods.  Colonists then had to figure out […]

We Love George

I have already added my post for this week, but I was walking in the library and saw this massive display of George Washington. All the memorabilia reminded me of […]

Made in America

As dissatisfaction with Britain grew in the colonies, attention was devoted to create a new American culture, with new holidays and symbols. Americans began to critique luxury items valued in […]

Knitting for the Revolution

The colonies of the United States, who had regulations and rules shoved down their throats on goods and services by the British, wanted to fight back and make a stand […]

Made in ‘Merica

During the Revolutionary war, American patriotism was an important factor that help the colonies defeat Great Britain. A key example of patriotism was the concept of homespun clothing and goods. […]

The Origin Of Stripes

Throughout history, France seems to be ahead of the world in fashion.  Russian rulers such as Peter the Great and his successor Elizabeth picked up on this fact early and […]