Styles from the Past

The image of the young boys jacket on pages 88 of Auslander reminded me of a jacket that my boss gave to me over the summer. The first thing that struck me is the make of the shoulders. This boy’s jacket, like many jackets trending from Europe today, is known as a soft coat. It has no structure in the back or in the shoulder i.e. no padding or interior fabrics. The shoulder is described as a natural shoulder as the outer fabric lies directly on the shoulder of the wearer. The next similarity that caught my eye was the contour of the jackets figure. Its cut with a taper in the abdomen but flares as the line moves in either direction up to the shoulders or down to the hips. Though it id difficult to see the contour of my jacket in this image, I can assure you that the contour is similar. Third and lastly, the pocket. My jacket, just like the boy’s jacket in the image, features an open pocket sewn to the outside of the garment. This is a trend that is new since the last year or two as jackets have found a place in the more casual setting once more.