American Values

With the growing tensions between the American colonists and their homeland, the American colonists wanted to dissociate themselves from the English as much as possible. This included the clothing they wore, the way the acted , and what entertainment they partook of. Eventually, luxury in itself was associated with the English and the Americans were worried that if they partook in those things, their minds would be corrupted. The need for American values was as apparent as ever. Pamphlets, plays, quilts, and embroidery, attempted to instill American values into the massively diverse colonists. The simple, the modest, and the manly was associated with the American spirit. Also, the feeling of independence was expressed through the production of native goods, native entertainment, and native cuisine. The American Revolution in the end not only aimed to separate political ties with the English but also consumer, trade, and cultural ties. Although the Americans eventually gained their liberation politically from Britain, it would take even longer to completely separate in all realms completely.  Additionally, even though they worked to become and prove to be a different people than the English, it would prove difficult for them to come together as a whole in representative union.