Spin to Win

Outraged with the revenue taxes imposed on them by England, colonies agreed on a nonimportation agreement, and thus vowed to boycott all British goods.  Colonists then had to figure out to achieve this goal and break their consumption patterns.  Although women could not vote or serve in public office, their role during the boycotts was vital, for they were key in creating homespun clothing.  While homespun clothing was only common in rural parts of America, city women desperately needed to learn the skill in order to successfully boycott British textiles.  Spinning matches were held in cities, where women would compete to see who could spin the most thread in a certain amount of time.  Not only was this a great way to involve women who typically did not spin, but the clothes spun were given to the men in the war, ultimately enabling Americans to break their reliance on Britain and create a new national identity through their homespun clothing.