Made in ‘Merica

During the Revolutionary war, American patriotism was an important factor that help the colonies defeat Great Britain. A key example of patriotism was the concept of homespun clothing and goods. Because the colonists did not want to indulge in English products (despite their heavy reliance on them), imported goods from other counties and homemade products became the new market items. Homespun clothing were very patriotic and represented the new American identity. They were simple and elegant, causing even the elites in society to sport this new patriotic fashion trend. Harvard graduates in the 1760s wore homespun clothes during their commencement ceremony; not luxurious and imported English fabric. As the colonists began to rely more on their selves than Great Britain, displaying their American pride became an everyday practice.

In the picture above, a label says, “Made in the USA”. Despite this being on a cosmetic product, it represents how the colonists would create their own clothes. These homespun goods were one of the crucial aspects in helping the American’s win the Revolutionary war.