The Origin Of Stripes

Throughout history, France seems to be ahead of the world in fashion.  Russian rulers such as Peter the Great and his successor Elizabeth picked up on this fact early and tried to implement the styles and fashions of France during their reigns as a way to modernize and westernize their people.  French men and women valued clothing and fashion and the importance of looking nice and when French apparel was introduced in Russia the same values were implemented there as well.

Today, France is still synonymous with fashion.  Particularly in the United States we still have a fascination with the cool, effortless and unmistakably chic fashion of Parisians.  Over the years we have adopted several French styles and fashion trends such as the leather jacket, messy hair, in depth skincare regimens, ballet flats and Chanel bags.  This is why the idea that stripes, a trend embraced by French men and women everywhere and epitomizing their understated cool style, not being invented by the French, comes as such a shock.  According to the reading stripes were actually introduced in America during the Revolution and then later adopted by the French during their own revolution.  Despite our admiration for French fashion and culture and their absolute reign in the fashion industry, it is nice to know that one of the most distinctive trends in France does not actually come from France but the US.