Leveling The Playing Field

These reading I found to be very interesting. I was incredibly surprised to find out that Peter I, as a monarch with such extreme power rooted in tradition and a traditional system, was rather progressive with his sartorial reform. Instead of restricting social mobility through vestimentary systems, he aimed to aid upward mobility by leveling the playing field so to speak. Peter I sought to do this by decreasing the visual differences between all memebers of Russian polite society. If people look more similar then the class structure won’t be so tightly monitored and rigid. By lessening the obvious class distinctions it creates a more fluid system. Thats where my picture comes into play. The two jackets both seem to look similar. But in reality, one cost $12 at goodwill and the other is pretty nice. But because they look similar enough nobody would be able to immediately identify them as belonging to different social classes.