Santa Catarina

The Santa Catarina was a Portuguese ship that was captured by the Dutch while the Dutch were at war with Portugal and Spain.  This was the most famous capture of […]

Impossible Standars to Follow

As a professional in taste, Wen Zhenheng wrote a famous book on cultural consumption titled, A Treatise on Superfluous Things. Having grown up in one of the richest families in Suzhou, […]

A College Student’s China

In the reading from Vermeer’s Hat, it talked about the china dish and its importance in the emergence of the art of still-life. A table would typically be covered in with a […]

Ignorance is Money

In 17th century China, Wen Zhenheng wrote a book instructing the lower class of society “do’s and don’ts” when it came to fine Chinese porcelain. In both Europe and Asia, […]


The reason why I posted this picture about chocolate is pretty obvious. This week’s readings I found fascinating. I never knew that chocolate was said to have so many healing […]

the food of celebration

For centuries, individuals used chocolate as a way to celebrate special occasions.  Our readings discussed how entertainers would offer chocolate to the new guests in their homes and how Charles […]

A Timesless Treat

Chocolate is not just a simple fad. It has been an extremely sought out product since before the 17th century. As featured above, there are many different types of chocolate […]