My roommate brought this collage with her to college (top photo) and I thought it was a really fun way to see all the people you love when you were going to sleep. Lets call her collage a Chinese plate. When I saw this, I wanted to replicate it. I am the Japanese. I did the same thing she did in a different way. Both are collages but there are parts of mine that are different than Lucy’s. The settings are different, the people look different, there are more pictures on mine, and her’s has a frame. Now you might be wondering what this has to do with China plates. When the Japanese starting making traditional China, they made it look similar, but they had to integrate their surroundings because it was they were accustomed to instead of Chinese settings. In¬†Kuwayama’s article, he says that the mountains were indicative of the Japan, the gardens were Japanese gardens with their reed fences and roofed lantern. Clearly it would be odd if my collage had pictures of Birmingham rather than Charleston, and I consider the plates to compare nicely.