Brilliance From Abroad

From its first appearance on European soil, Chinese porcelain, the delicate blue-and-white design took Europeans by storm. However, the blue-and-white that Chinese porcelain was know for, was a borrowed style from  the Persians. The Persians greatly desired the Chinese porcelain, so much that their own crafts makers tried to imitate them. However their attempt “failed” in that they could not achieve the delicate white color of the Chinese ceramics. So they glazed their grey creations white and painted it with local cobalt instead of the array of colors of the Chinese. However, the “failed attempt” created something beautiful, that soon became sought after. After seeing the boom in popularity of the blue and white, the Chinese adopted the style and incorporated into their own work to appease the Persian aesthetic. Soon enough when the Europeans desired a portion of the Chines porcelain, the chines again adapted their crafts to fit the tastes of the Europeans.

The image of the wooden drawing mannequin, represents the ability of the Chines porcelain makers to bend and twist their style to the desires and tastes of their buyers.