Authentic VS Imitation

Whenever there is a product of nice quality, there is always a market for a cheaper version. Almost all luxury items especially in fashion have faux reproductions. This was true also for the market for Chinese porcelain. European potters, particularly the ones near Delft, learned how to make cheaper, less quality, versions of the blue white glazed porcelain that the Chinese had made so popular. Even though it was by no means the real thing this type of product will always have a demand. As long as the reproducers are able to make a product that is “close enough” to the real thing people will undoubtedly buy it. I have an example here in my picture. On the right is a real XboxOne controller made by Microsoft, and on the left is a much cheaper less quality controller made by PowerA. Obviously the controller made by Microsoft is better than the other but when it costs 70$ and the faux version costs 30$ people with less dispensable income are buying the PowerA controller every time.