less is more

In Mexico and the rest of Latin America, dressing well was not a way to express individuality or have fun, but a way to display wealth.  In order to appear […]

The Beauty Mark

Casta paintings in the latter eighteenth century became more detailed, showing plants, objects, textiles, and more.  In her description Katzew tells us about the presence of the beauty mole in […]

Labels and Colonial Mexico

The image of color pencils represent the endless mixing of races in Colonial Mexico. Red and blue make purple. However, there’s light purple, violet, purple violet, mauve and countless others. […]

Castas by Century

In this picture, Sydney is portrayed as a slave in both the 18th century (left) and 19th century (right).  When historians recovered castas, they discovered that there was a very […]

Casta Portrait

This is a picture of my friend Julia. I put a painting effect on the photo to represent the casta paintings, which identified the social stratification in colonial Mexico. I […]

Modern Day Casta

I took this picture of my friend Kitty Lambrechts to act as a modern day high-class casta. Due to her light skin, Kitty would be considered at a fairly high standing […]

The Indian and the Nun

In our reading for Tuesday, there was an interesting story in which the New Mexico Indians revolted against the Spanish and the chief attacked a statue of a Virgin with a […]

The College Kid Casta

One of the biggest points I picked up from the two readings was how clothing was the visual display of one’s socioeconomic status, or basically how much money they had. […]