Unreformed Nuns

Throughout the seventeenth century the Mexican Bishops made several efforts to reform creole convents. Much of this reform had to do with the complaint of nuns dressing too luxuriously, expensively, and fashionably. This went against the vows taken by nuns that swore them to a life of poverty, obedience, chastity, and enclosure. Archbishop Payo de Ribera gave warning to nuns in 1673, “take care that in your escudos … you do not exceed in preciousness or curiosity the holy poverty that you profess.” Not only was their vow of poverty taken into question by their lavish dress but also their vow of chastity. In 1694 the Franciscan friar Rafmundo Lumbier offered his opinion, “who are [were] they trying to attract with this [adornment]?” He is insinuating that such adornment was under purpose of attracting the attention of secular men.