“Taste the Rainbow”- Skittles’ slogan refers to the multitude of flavors-represented by each color of the rainbow-that each one of its packets offers. There is orange, grape, strawberry, green apple, and lemon. A single picture of the lot of skittles cast a bout captures the essence of the candy in all its glory, just as casta paintings captured the multitudes of races and ethnicities that composed the culture of colonial mexico. Tensions in these times were tense, and the battle for racial equality that existed then extends into today. As time will reveal to us however, all colors brought to the table bring their own but equal sugary sweetness to the scene. Except for the yellows, I really don’t like the yellows. I think they’re too tart, but don’t let that undermine what I just said about racial equality. The yellows just aren’t my thing- that’s all.