Out Of Style

Once the revolution was in full force, nobody wanted to be connected to the noble classes of the old regime. That was practically a death sentence. The wealthy elite fled […]

Change Please

Around the time of the French Revolution there was an extreme shift away from all things that were commonly worn by the nobility. The commoners began to riot and persecute the […]

The Common Clothing

While hooped skirts, powdered wigs, crazy hats, and tight pants ruled the French court during the time period of the revolution, conflict led to new clothing styles among that masses. […]

Fashion Overthrown

The French Revolution changed more than the government of France, it changed the way the French looked.  Before the Revolution and in the years it was brewing, the French nobility […]

The New Fashion Police

Prior to the French Revolution, the wealthy called the shots in fashion and in life.  The aristocracy had all the power, and this was especially true and represented in their […]


In 1789, the Estates-General of France made a decision that, instead of regulating fashion and suppressing revolution, actually sparked more controversial fashion choices. The decided to set a uniform for […]

Freedom colors

Red, white, and blue were the colors that represented the French Revolution.  These colors, known as the tri colors, would be worn by the supporters of the revolution.  The tri […]

The Storm is Coming

A storm was brewing in the country of France. What the monarchy of feared most finally came to pass in the 1780’s. The ruled began to feel resentment toward their […]

La Tricolore

Red, White, and Blue- the three colors that we hold close to our hearts when we think of the United States. What I often forget though, is that these three […]