Portrait Appearance

Like in todays world, where people value a good profile picture, as it is what you present of yourself to others, during the French Revolution Marie-Antoinette was carefully illustrated in […]

Why are we here again?

In the late 1780s, France fell into a massive financial crisis. The country’s finance minister, Calonne, thought his strategy of “mass public spending” would strengthen France’s economy and would destroy […]

Straw Hats: the Émigré Empire

Émigrés, desperate for a life of fashion, but knowing they could not return to tumultuous France, often started businesses of simple and basic fashion in their new homes. Some were […]


When the Stamp Act was enforced in 1763, American’s did not take it kindly. They immediately boycotted the stamps and began to manufacture their own goods. Woman began hand spinning […]

Changing symbols

In an attempt to free themselves from their British ties , Americans during the Revolutionary War rejected the image the British associated with them of a young Indian girl and […]

This Ain’t Gonna Fly

After the Stamp Act in 1763, there was an increase in nationalism among the colonies. One aspect of this new found nationalism was the rejection and boycotting of goods from […]

Styles from the Past

The image of the young boys jacket on pages 88 of Auslander reminded me of a jacket that my boss gave to me over the summer. The first thing that […]

Revolutionary Works

It all began when the British Parliament passed the Stamp Act.  The American colonist were outraged by the “taxation without representation” as Parliament continued to put taxes on goods imported […]

Homespun Wool Blanket

This picture was perfect for this reading. It is a prime example of homespun wool. This one is even more special because it depicts the flag of the thirteen colonies. […]

American Values

With the growing tensions between the American colonists and their homeland, the American colonists wanted to dissociate themselves from the English as much as possible. This included the clothing they […]