The Original Photoshop

My current free read is Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling, a comedian and screenwriter. The inside binding of the book is a repeating, silly little pattern of various phones, […]

Brilliance From Abroad

From its first appearance on European soil, Chinese porcelain, the delicate blue-and-white design took Europeans by storm. However, the blue-and-white that Chinese porcelain was know for, was a borrowed style […]

The evolution of china

In the seventeenth century, Chinese porcelain was a hot commodity.  Everyone wanted a form of it, whether it be the wealthy with the real porcelain shipped from China or the […]

Anything that Will Sell

I took a picture of the attachable phone credit card holder with the Washington and Lee logo because it is an example of a new hot commodity that many companies […]


My roommate brought this collage with her to college (top photo) and I thought it was a really fun way to see all the people you love when you were […]

Borrowed and Blue

One idea I found particularly interesting from this weeks reading was the fact that the Chinese did not create the blue and white dish ware synonymous with porcelain China.  According […]

Authentic VS Imitation

Whenever there is a product of nice quality, there is always a market for a cheaper version. Almost all luxury items especially in fashion have faux reproductions. This was true also […]