Ostentatious Culture of Spain

I chose to represent Seville’s culture by photographing jewelry. As Seville became a larger and larger metropolis, the idea of showing one’s wealth became more popularized. In Bass and Wunder, […]

Unreformed Nuns

Throughout the seventeenth century the Mexican Bishops made several efforts to reform creole convents. Much of this reform had to do with the complaint of nuns dressing too luxuriously, expensively, and […]

A Modern Veil

This pair of sunglasses depicts a modern way of covering ones face. Whether being used as a fashion accessory, for protection, or to help hide ones face, sunglasses are a […]

Beneath the Mask

In Rebecca Gales “History Workshop Journal”, she compares two quotes sixty years apart concerning the fashion of the colonial Mexico City. The first quote, from 1778, describes how fashion is […]

Nuns Gone Wild

In Mexico, Spain and its rulers imposed many reforms and restrictions. To oppose these restrictions, Mexican nuns wore escudos; these were medallions to represent their solidarity with the new culture […]


“Taste the Rainbow”- Skittles’ slogan refers to the multitude of flavors-represented by each color of the rainbow-that each one of its packets offers. There is orange, grape, strawberry, green apple, […]

Flowers compared to castas

These flowers reminded me of the castas in New Spain during the 16-18th century. There is a darker purple, a lighter purple, and a red. The red reminds me of the […]